Trying Really Hard to Keep a Healthy Perspective

My ankle has been injured for four days now.  The swelling has gone down a bit and the redness is gone, but I still feel pain when I try to walk normally.  I’ve twisted my ankle before but I’m usually up and about by day two.  So I felt a strong desire to do something crazy:  I felt the urge to educate myself via the Internet!  I Googled “how long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal?”  Of course I found a lot of information.  Various sites claim an injured ankle would need at least six weeks to heal.  And several others strongly urged people to have a doctor look at it right away.  I began to freak out.

What the heck?   I can’t put my training on hold for six weeks!  I need to continue building a base so I can officially start training for Hawaii 70.3 in January.  I must work out now!  This is not good at all!

I called my orthopedic specialist to make an appointment.  His next available slot is January 10th. I figured I shouldn’t schedule anything for that day.  I don’t know what that day will be like.  All I know is it’s the first anniversary of Noah’s death.  I made an appointment for the 11th; that may be pushing it.

The anxiety continued to build though.

Can I, should I wait that long before I have it checked out?  It’s very important my ankle heals correctly.  I don’t want to prolong the recovery time. 

I discovered the Minute Clinic will look at sprained ankles.  Yay!  I hobbled over to the closest CVS.  Two people were ahead of me.  The first guy took a really long time.  The nurse actually came out and informed us that she’ll need to spend more time with him.  I felt sorry for the gentlemen.  She ended up sending him to a doctor.  When she called me in she apologized again for the wait. I was fine waiting; I just hoped the gentleman who took a long time is ok.  After examining my ankle she wasn’t sure if my bone was damaged or not.  She recommended I visit a nearby urgent care clinic for an X-ray.  As I began hobbling back home I quickly grew upset.

My injury could be truly serious.  How would this impact my training?  I need to workout.  I must continue training.  I’ll be so disappointed if I can’t race.  I can’t lose this outlet.  What about Noah?  How will I continue to heal and take care of myself?

After a few minutes of these thoughts racing through my head, I somehow made a point of shifting gears to calm myself down.

The situation could be  much worse.  If I don’t recover in time for Hawaii, so be it.

I proceeded to remind myself of a painfully difficult lesson MLH and I learned with Noah: none of us are in complete control of our lives

I should wait and see what the X-ray looks like and talk to the doctor to figure out what I need to do to recover properly.

MLH drove me to the urgent care clinic.  The X-ray showed no bone damage.  According to the doctor my ligaments are probably stretched, and I’ll be able to resume training in a week.  For the time being I should stay off my foot. I can swim though.

I’ll keep the appointment with my orthopedic specialist just in case I experience any issues.  If I’m feeling a lot better late next week I’ll cancel it.

On our way home, I mentioned to MLH that I’m trying maintain the right perspective with this injury.  I should be grateful it’s just a sprained ankle.  What about that gentleman who spent a long time with the nurse at the Minute Clinic?

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