Update on the Ankle

Thanks to a cancelation, I was able to change my orthopedic appointment to today.  The doctor gave me the OK to resume training.  He added I’ll probably feel some discomfort until the ankle heals completely which may take another four weeks.

I’m so relieved and thankful I can exercise again.  (I stopped swimming after last weekend because my ankle felt pretty sore on Monday.  I thought I may have irritated it in the pool.)  For the past 12 days, as much as I tried to maintain a positive attitude, I could feel myself becoming increasingly lethargic and down as each day passed.  I hated that I couldn’t workout.  And not knowing when I could return to the gym or if I’ll be ready for Hawaii 70.3 made me feel even worse.

After my appointment I headed straight to the gym.  I didn’t push myself too hard because I definitely feel some pain still.  Also, I need to spend time strengthening my ankle.  So I worked out on an elliptical machine for a bit.

About 1/3 of the way into my session I began feeling good.  I know I’m going to sound a little on the crazy side but it was magical.  As my heart rate increased and I began to sweat, my attitude improved significantly.  For the first time since the accident I felt like I could seriously think about training for my races again.


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