Food 4 Thought: 3

For as long as I can remember I’ve always sought out delicious food.  I used Chowhound (before it was acquired); I subscribe to Eater; and I let the James Beard Foundation, other food experts and recommendations from foodies influence where MLH and I dine next.  What’s interesting is now that I’m well into training for my upcoming races, depending on the training session 20%-50% of my daily calories consist of energy gels, protein bars, recovery drinks, pre-training meals, nutrition drinks/smoothies and hydration liquids.  I think manufacturers of these products have come a long way in terms of nutrition content and even taste.  These days I feel as though my meals are on two opposite ends of the spectrum:  pure nutrition to prepare for training, help endure my training and recover from my training versus meals to savor.  (Yes at times I have to resort to a frozen meal or crappy food.  Those are the only meals/snacks I dread consuming.)  Both training grub and delicious food give me great satisfaction for very different reasons.

Some of my Training Grub:

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