My Recent Trip

I’m back home after spending 2.5 weeks in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This trip was and still is a big deal.  I was away from home, away from MLH, Abigail & Madeleine, and away from my safe, protective bubble that fosters my highly desired minimal social interaction and relatively gentle days.  The reasons for taking this trip — helping a friend with her wedding and visiting friends — shifted my daily focus and schedule.

Indeed I was able to find a great deal of comfort thanks to two constants:  close friends and my training.  I’m extremely blessed to have very dear friends, with quite a few of them residing in Northern California.  They know about Noah and know me very well.  Aside from my training and a few other activities I spent most of my waking hours with these individuals.  I greatly missed MLH, Abigail & Madeleine and found myself somewhat unsettled by not being in my bubble of a home, but spending quality time with these friends provided a new type of sanctuary.

I was pretty successful in keeping up my training while traveling.  I was challenged with completing only two assigned sessions, and I had to cut three others a little short but not enough to count them as failures.  As expected, when I decided to use Pete, I managed to spend a couple swim sessions with him which was awesome.  Also, a good friend of mine who has a swim video business filmed me in the pool.  (Swimmers and triathletes benefit greatly from being filmed in the water.  Coaches have a tremendously effective tool for identifying areas of improvement.)  And after watching my video, Pete was able to provide very specific feedback on my form; what an improvement I’ve made already!

I’m so delighted and thankful I had the opportunity to help a very good friend with her wedding and celebrate such a joyous life event with her as well as spend lots of quality time with other dear friends.  And I’m grateful I could still train and maintain my special time with Noah while away from home.  I believe I had a good trip, and as much as I’m extremely happy to be back home with MLH, Abigail & Madeleine, I do think the trip was good for me.

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