Special Recovery Day

Mondays are recovery days. Today’s recovery was very different and special because I visited Noah’s grave today. Noah is buried in New England so MLH and I aren’t able to visit him as often as we’d like. (Before moving back to CA this week we wanted to visit Noah one more time.)

After a rough training week consisting of 2 sick days, heart rate monitor malfunctions and knee issues; and then ending it with a 60 mile ride and 13 mile run, I’m thankful I could regroup a bit by spending a different type of quality time with my son. I didn’t think about speed, distance or effort level.

Pausing to take in nature’s beauty was also a wonderful way to spend a recovery day. Noah’s cemetery is in full bloom. Geese, squirrels and other locals wandered around the grounds, and the sun showered us with its vibrant rays.


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