Lots of Change but My Important Constants Remain

Last Friday MLH, Abigail, Madeleine and I boarded a plane to move out to the San Francisco Bay area.

(Leaving D.C. is bittersweet.  We love CA and always planned to return.  But our original plan included taking Noah with us of course.  I HATE the fact that I left without my son in my arms.  I have such a strong physical reaction when I think of this.  I feel this nagging, pressured emptiness pulling at me from within my stomach and sometimes I feel a small lump in my throat.)

I’m now focused on settling in.  Madeleine & Abigail are still getting used to their new home.  I think – hope – they’ll feel more comfortable once the movers arrive with our stuff.  In the meantime, I’ve been setting up utilities; finding my way around new grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, pet stores and other day-to-day places; learning more about the local community; and getting used to being back on the west coast.  I’m trying to figure out my schedule and find my groove; this will take time, I know.  Lots of changes.

And yet I still have two races on my calendar.  I still have to complete my training sessions six days a week.  I still have my coach.  I still have my friends.  I still have Abigail & Madeleine.  I still have MLH.  And I still have Noah.

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