1 Day 14 Hrs 51 Min

I’m really glad I arrived in Hawaii on Tuesday. I’ve had some time to acclimate to the hot and humid climate and relax a bit.

Yesterday I went for my first swim in the Pacific Ocean since 2009. I swam at the Kailua Pier and while it’s a busy location with boats coming and going and loads of tourists walking around, I thoroughly enjoyed the water. Unfortunately I don’t think I swam the entire assigned 1500 yards though. I found myself in part of the water with a couple of boats and had to swim out of their way. (Don’t worry. I wasn’t close to being in danger. I had plenty of time to move.) With this distraction I lost track of my distance. However I do consider the swim a success because I loved being in the clear, warm water. (It’s also really salty but the salt is supposed to make me more buoyant so I don’t mind it so much!) I saw fish and coral and actually pointed some of this out to Noah. I like to think he and I enjoyed the swim together.

Today I’ll shift gears to begin preparing mentally and emotionally for Saturday. (Physically I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I’ll continue tapering but the actual training for Hawaii 70.3 is done.) I’ve been trying to relax for the past two days because once I check-in today for the race, I’ll start planning out my detailed schedule for the next two days and taking care of administrative and other errands. Also I’m switching hotels so I’m closer to the race site. Very soon I’ll be in the midst of a lot of energy, excitement and potentially anxiety.

I think my key task is to maintain proper perspective and focus on preparing for MY race. I’m doing everything I can to be ready, and I know why I am here.

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