Tomorrow’s race will be my last triathlon of the 2012 season. And I have this strong urge to set the expectation that I will most likely come in the bottom half of my division; I may very well be last. It’s not that I’m trying to sandbag or anything. This urge is based on the data: last year’s USAT AG National Championship results and my current splits. However after thinking about this I’ve decided setting this type of expectation messes up my race mindset. Besides what real competitor thinks this way?

So what should I expect from this race?

I expect to push myself harder than ever. (Yes even harder than in Hawaii.). I expect to enjoy my short swim and ride today. I expect to find inspiration from fellow triathletes. I expect to feel gratitude that my body can support me as I push it; that it can easily breathe hard, increase (and decrease) my heart rate and endure pain. I expect to cherish my connection with Noah as I swim, bike and run tomorrow morning. I expect to honor my son by leaving it all out there and crossing that finish line. I expect to have an amazing experience.

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