Starting to Feel It Again

The weather here has been rather erratic lately.  But last week and this week, it feels more like a traditional fall.  I managed to ride outside a few times.  (I think the last time I rode outdoors was during my Tahoe training weekend.)  The cool crisp air feels awesome!

I started a masters swim class a couple of weeks ago.  It meets twice a week for four weeks.  The pool like most pools in the area is outdoors which is great in the warmer seasons but not so much now.  The water is heated but that doesn’t help when I’m going from/to the locker room before/after the workout and pausing to listen to the coach during class.  However, as much as my teeth chatter and thoughts of how crazy I and the other swimmers must be for putting ourselves through this, I actually look forward to these sessions.  I’m definitely learning a lot.

I’m starting to feel healthy again.  I’m starting to feel like the new season is just around the corner.  I’m starting to feel just a little bit stronger.  I’m starting to feel my void shrinking some.

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