On January 10, 2011 my son, Noah, passed away from complications related to Heterotaxy Syndrome.  He was just 32 days old.  Life has been pretty rough for me and my husband since then.  Counselors, spiritual leaders and other bereaved parents advised us that losing a child is one of the worst things a person can experience.

In 2009 I started competing in triathlons.  My first season consisted of four successful races. While pregnant with Noah I took a break from the sport.  After his death, to create a distraction and provide some sort of structure in my newly chaotic world, I put my energy and focus into returning to triathlons.  I decided to train for Nation’s Triathlon.  Not only did I reach its finish line in September, but I also achieved personal records for each stage.  Most importantly though, I realized training for a race helps me as I grieve.

And so I continue training to help with my healing.  I continue racing triathlons to honor Noah.  This blog is about my journey.

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