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An Easter Ride?

I normally do my long rides on Saturdays and long runs on Sundays but I flipped my workouts around for this past weekend.   Realizing I need to spend more time riding on the actual road, I’m now determined to do my long rides outside from now until my season ends!  Unfortunately Saturday’s temperature did not cooperate; it was in the 30s and 40s for the morning which was too cold for me to be outside on the bike.  (Maybe I’m a wimp.  Oh well.)  However I’m fine running in this type of weather so I ran my nine miles on Saturday followed by an easy one hour ride indoors.  Sunday morning was a lot warmer so after attending the early Easter service I rode 55 miles along an amazing trail in VA.  The plan worked!  With the exception of some wind, the weather was awesome.  While the trail was somewhat busy with other cyclists, runners, walkers and roller bladers, I did have my moments of peace and comfort when I could appreciate my surroundings, concentrate on my training and of course connect with Noah.

I didn’t realize it until towards the end of my ride but this is now the second time I’ve spent a major holiday training outdoors.  Perhaps I’ll spend all of my major holidays this way.

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