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I Tri 4 You’s Facebook Page

I created a Facebook page for this blog.  Please feel free to “like” it.  Also, feel free to suggest other relevant content you’d like to see on it.

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Congratulations, Team A & A!

Congratulations, Alexandra, for winning the “Biggest Loser Competition” sponsored by her fiancé’s work.  She lost all of her pregnancy weight!  The secret weapon to her success was her Heterotaxy angel Ava.  You can read more on Alexandra’s blog.

Alexandra, I am in complete awe of you and Ava!  You are an amazing woman, friend and mother; a true inspiration!  Go Team A & A!!!

PS: I posted this on I Tri 4 You’s Facebook page but I guess I should have posted here first.  (I’m still trying to figure out when/what to post here and/or what to post on Facebook.)

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I Tri 4 You’s Facebook Page

I now have a Facebook page.  I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with it yet.  For now I’ll list my posts.  Feel free to “Like” it.


Physical Strength for My Broken Places

Perhaps strength doesn’t reside in having never been broken, but in the courage required to grow strong in the broken places. ~Kristen Jongen

Compassionate Friends is pretty active on Facebook where it posts words of advice and comfort for bereaved parents.  Recently it asked its members what they feel when someone comments on how strong they are.  One of the responses is the above quote.  It resonates with me.   I’m making my way through my journey which includes growing strong in my broken places.  And then there are the days and moments when I feel beyond broken.

I believe strength comes in several forms: emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.  I’ve mentioned these four types before.  From training and racing, I feel myself growing stronger physically as each day passes.  During my low-beyond-broken-periods, I believe it’s this physical strength that helps me with or, at the very least, provides temporary fillers in some of my broken places.

As odd as it may sound, I like to think Noah is helping me with my broken places since he gives me strength as I train and race.  He is my inspiration after all.

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Two New Resources for Bereaved Parents

This post is not about my triathlons. This post is about two new resources for bereaved parents.

Still Standing Magazine: It’s an online magazine for women and men who have experienced loss of a child. I’ve been following this magazine since its launch in May. It offers very helpful articles, blog posts and other resources.

Heterotaxy Bereaved Parents Network: This Facebook page was created yesterday! It’s for parents who suffer from losing a child with Heterotaxy Syndrome. Full disclosure – I have been advocating for the creation of such a group and am a huge fan of its creator (who is an amazing woman, friend and mommy). I’m also an admin. for this page.

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