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Triathlon + Work

I’m spending an increasing amount of time on work these days.  Yes, this development is positive and I’m truly excited about my work.  But since there’s a fixed number of hours in a day, I’m having to rethink my training sessions.  I’m trying to figure out how to focus more on quality than quantity.  Others already know how to do this, and I hope to learn from them.

Again I know in my heart and head that this is a very good chapter I’ve begun.  I’ve expanded my world to include my career.  I’m meeting with various vendors, networking, taking a couple of courses, collaborating with different specialists and next month I’ll attend a trade show.  I’m setting non-triathlon-related goals and making good progress towards meeting them.

For a while I was not comfortable with this change because I felt I was shortening my special time with Noah.  I’m either cutting back on the length of my training sessions and/or increasing my concentration on drills and new objectives to deliver higher quality workouts.  From preparing for the session to warming up to completing the workout to cooling down to showering to returning to work has me identifying ways to shave off time and become more efficient as well.  Before I had many more moments to just be in the present; to just be with Noah.  Now I don’t.

However I’ve begun to realize that while my special time may be shortened and I have fewer opportunities to just be with my son, my true connection probably — hopefully? —  has not been compromised.  In some ways I feel like my connection has deepened even more.  When I’m struggling with a climb, trying to maintain a higher pace, feeling pain somewhere in my body or thinking of stopping, he’s always right there.  I don’t find myself actually initiating thoughts of him as often.  His presence seems to be pervasive and constant; it’s much more natural than second nature.  Many times it feels like he’s my shadow (or I’m his) and we’re one.  I used to remind myself of all he went through – all of the poking, machines, pain, hunger…everything.  Now what he endured during his way-to-short-of-a-life can feel like it’s seeping through my body.  Sometimes I feel this in my heart, sometimes it’s an intellectual experience and many times it’s spiritual.  As odd as it may sound, when I’m having to engage my legs, my core or other muscles in my body during a climb, run or even strength training I can feel him there.  And of course there’s always my breathing and the beating of my heart.

Then there’s my work.  While the time I spend starting my business and building my first product is very different from training, this time is about Noah too.  He inspired me to start this company.  I believe our training and racing will always be our very special time together but I am greatly comforted by the fact that he’s still very much with me as I work on my — OUR — company.

In a twisted way I was fortunate to have a great amount of time to spend with Noah over the past two years as I trained and raced.  (I know!  What an odd statement!  All of these words should not be in the same sentence when talking about time after losing a loved one, should they?!)  I definitely miss this.  However, in many ways I do think he’s so much more a part of me and my daily life.  I love you, Noah.

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Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was a crappy training day.  It began with Abigail (one of my cats) waking me and MLH up at 3 am in the morning.  MLH was able to go back to sleep but I couldn’t.  Instead I tossed and turned, thought of a gazillion things, listened to the rain and managed to get myself into a bad mood.  MLH woke up at 4:30 am to go to the gym.  I decided to try to get more sleep.  I was somewhat successful but I really don’t know for how long.  When I finally dragged myself out of bed I instantly felt bad.  I felt bad for not having the will to go to the gym as originally planned.  I felt bad that I wasn’t supporting MLH on his workout this morning.  I felt bad that I was in a bad mood.  I felt bad that I actually questioned working out.

All yesterday morning I did not feel like training.  I was mentally and physically tired and a little anxious that I may have overworked my body already.  However around 1:30 pm I managed to get myself (bad mood and all) to the gym.  I still didn’t feel like training but several thoughts helped me go through the motions of getting me there and completing the day’s plan:

  • I paid a coach for today’s workout.  Sunk costs or not, skipping it for no good reason is pathetic.
  • Missing a workout because I don’t feel like it could be the start of a slippery slope.  What excuse will I use next time?  And of course there will be a next time.  There always is.
  • I know I’ll feel even worse later if I don’t at least try to complete my workout.
  • And Noah.

I had to bike and do weights.  (Until the tenderness in my injured ankle goes away, I’ll bike and run indoors where the chances of losing my balance and falling are a lot lower.)  My bike ride sucked.  I felt tired practically from the beginning – yes that’s just the warm up!  And I had the hardest time with my drills.  Everything on my ride felt like a chore.  My legs felt heavy.  I couldn’t synch up my brain with my legs and my attitude.  When I tried to push myself, I felt constrained.  I did complete the entire ride though.  Weights were not nearly as bad but I think I was on cruise control by then and simply counting reps and sets.

As I walked back home I managed to feel a little better.  I was frustrated that I had a crappy training session but I was also trying to tell myself to be satisfied that I completed it and move on.  By dinner time I was less frustrated and more satisfied.  I was also looking forward to today.

Today was so much better.  This morning I was more than ready to workout. I even got out of bed a little before 4:30 am.  I not only wanted to have a great workout but also felt the need to make up for yesterday’s crappy one.  MLH and I made our way to the gym.  Although my mood was very different this morning I was still concerned that I may have another crappy session, especially if in fact I did push myself too much over the past 1.5 weeks.

I had to swim and then bike.  I made my way to the pool.  During my first lap I already knew today would be better.  I didn’t feel tired at all.  I worked on a couple of new drills.  One was really hard; I still don’t think I fully got the hang of it.  My main swim was challenging because I continue to struggle with improving my Distance Per Stroke (DPS).  However I was never frustrated.  I just kept working on it.  I kept trying to think about what I should tweak or focus on to improve my next set.  I wasn’t even bothered by the woman who entered my lane without any notice and almost collided into me.  I just moved over and kept swimming.  While I didn’t have anything close to a perfect swim session, I’m pleased with it.

On the bike, my legs, brain and attitude were much more in synch today than yesterday.  I noticed the difference immediately.  Today’s ride was easier than yesterday’s.  (Tomorrow I have my long ride for the week.)  It doesn’t matter, though, because I feel like I put in a solid workout.

I’m thankful I had a good training day today.  Oddly part of the reason I appreciate it is because of yesterday.  I know I’ll have more crappy days and even ones that are far worse than yesterday.  Hopefully I’ll remind myself of yesterday and today so I realize the crappy day won’t last.

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