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A PT! A Big Void! And Hot Yoga!

Since late August, I’ve been struggling with an issue in my left leg. The issue came and went and came and went and so on and so on. It didn’t get worse but it wasn’t getting better either. (Oh yes, I do realize training in Tahoe probably wasn’t my smartest move. But honestly, I felt good for most of that weekend. Only during my last workout, the run, did I start experiencing discomfort and when I did I stopped. I know, I know, I probably should have shut it down before that weekend.) Perhaps I should have done what several professional athletes do at the end of their seasons – absolutely nothing. They take a complete break. Instead I tried to nurse my injury by easing up, increasing the icing, stretching more, getting a massage and avoiding lower body strength training. But none of this seemed to make the issue truly go away. So two weeks ago I saw a physical therapist (PT). (Side note: Seeing a PT is a big deal for me. At some point I’ll write more about this. For now I’ll just say it was difficult calling to make the appointment, sitting there with the PT as he tried to diagnose me and then talking to him about what I need to do next.) After a week of following the PT’s instructions and feeling no change, I decided to take a break from working out.

It’s been a week now and I’m struggling quite a bit; I feel off. I can’t describe how much I miss exercising, going to the gym, sweating, pushing myself, increasing my heart rate and having my special time with Noah. Talk about a void! It’s more than a void!

So this morning I decided to take my gym’s hot yoga class. The minute I walked into the locker room I felt better. And just five minutes into class I felt great! Going through the poses felt like numerous breaths of fresh air. We’ll see if the stretching, mild strengthening and loosening up help address the issue in my left leg. I know it’s already helped the rest of me.

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It Starts with Starting

It starts with feeling the need or urge to move, change…just do something.  It starts with putting on a pair of running shoes or a swimsuit.

It starts with running for as long as possible which most likely is not that long.  It starts with pushing to run an actual half mile or mile.  It starts with working out for 20 minutes a few days a week.  It starts with setting a goal of exercising consistently.  It starts with signing up for a 5K or finding a workout buddy.  It starts with reading nutrition articles or asking for cycling advice.

It starts with feeling good after a hard workout.  It starts with looking forward to that yoga session or kickboxing class.  It starts with feeling “off” when a workout is missed. It starts with missing the sweating or hard breathing.

It starts with picking a bigger, more challenging goal than before and then immediately breaking it down into smaller, manageable milestones.  It starts with celebrating swimming 10 laps more than a month ago.  It starts with passing another runner or crossing the finish line for the first time.

For me, it started way back in high school as a rower who barely made the team.  It started again when I joined a dragon boat team during the few years I lived in Hong Kong.  It started again about 11 years ago when I trained for  a marathon but couldn’t complete it because my left leg tightened up so much it couldn’t move.  It started again when I decided to try half marathons.  It started again when I signed up for my very first triathlon after failing (once again) to complete a marathon.  And it started one more time when I desperately needed some way to deal with the biggest blow to my life – losing Noah.  And this is my start or I should say starts.

We each have to start somewhere.  It starts with starting after all.

What was your start?  Or what will be your start?

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