I just learned about Iram Leon & his daughter, Kiana, this morning from my Daily Good newsletter…just amazing…

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In Child Loss, There Is No “Fake It Till You Make It”

In Child Loss, There Is No “Fake It Till You Make It”

This post is not about triathlons; it’s about bereaved parents and their grief.

I’ve been reading Still Standing Magazine since its launch last May.  It’s a truly amazing resource for bereaved parents.  Like Kristin, the author of the piece I’m sharing here, and many others, I too was disappointed and upset about the recent segment on The Ricki Lake Show.  Kristin addresses this along with sharing her own experience as a bereaved parent.

Thank you, Kristin.  Happy belated birthday.  I hope this year is gentle on you.

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Exercise Can Help You Cope with Grief

Exercise Can Help You Cope with Grief

I’m so excited to learn about Lora Erickson’s post/site and how she uses exercise to cope with loss.  The fact that she’s a triathlete is a bonus of course.  She’s an inspiration!

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